Traditional Neighborhood Development

Welden Village is founded on prioritizing people and enabling active living.
Welden Village is a new walkable neighborhood founded on traditional neighborhood development principles that use time tested placemaking practices for creating great neighborhoods. Being focused on creating a dynamic, interconnected, and endearing community, at Welden Village by incorporating specific design elements such as large front porches, an abundance of neighborhood amenities encourages and other things that support a healthy and active lifestyle residents can have great quality of life. Unlike a conventional subdivision, where you might only find single-family homes of a single size, type or form, large garage doors everywhere and limited amenities, living in Welden Village enables and enhances all aspects of daily life by including live, work and play opportunities into one’s daily life. Residential architecture in a variety of styles & sizes all within a network of walkable streets, sidewalks and trails helps to round out the experience.

At Welden Village. pedestrian scale is emphasized. Generally, within a 5-minute walk of every home is a feature that has something worth walking to – whether it be a park, plaza, or playground. Public and private spaces have equal importance, creating a balanced community that serves a wide range of home and business owners. Consideration of these civic spaces (aka – the Public Realm) – in the form of plazas, greens, parks and squares — enhances community identity and value while providing places to visit frequently within a short walk from a home.

Pedestrians are prioritized at Welden Village. In Welden Village, people are served by a network of paths, streets and lanes suitable for pedestrians, cyclists and cars. This provides residents the option of walking, biking or driving to places within their neighborhood. These elements when combined make Welden Village very different from conventional suburban developments and we think this is something that makes us distinct, unique, and decidedly different.


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